Sunday, May 24, 2009


It's SAM's ANTI-ABUSE MONTH. It's a call to put a full stop to any form of abuse. In a more positive way of speaking, it's a call to improve the quality of our love to one another.
Why do people abuse? My final conclusion is because many people today choose to cultivate selfish love instead of real love in their hearts. If that is the case, then what is real love and how to cultivate real love? According to my belief, real love means:
i) never tired of waiting, which basically means has long patience and is kind ii) has no high opinion of itself, or in other words not arrogant and prideful iii) not quickly made angry iv) takes no account of evil v) takes no pleasure in wrongdoing but has joy in what is true vi) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. vii) has no end and no limit If we really apply these definitions of love in our every day lives, no matter how busy and stressful parents may be, they will never abuse their child . No matter how provocative and alluring the situation tempts a parent, a husband, a wife, a boy/girlfriend, a relative, a leader, etc, to act abusively, real love stops him/her from doing it. All in all, Anti-abuse campaign is more than merely getting people attention to stop abusing, rather it's a call to love one another in a better and ever-improving way. P/S: Love one another even if that another is our enemy.
Happy Weekend everyone.


FL Feinier said...

(^_^) Where is the love...3x where is the love.....

(^_^) One of my lecturers has ever said, How we know, either that society is developed or not... And there are many answer were given...

But, I think the best answer is by (when my professor) referring to Emerson and Mahatma Gandhi...”We can acknowledge that society as a civilized society or not by looking at how they treat their woman and animal...”

(^_^) All the Best SAM...

Anonymous said...

Morning Teacher.

I suke ruangan ni.Bahasa yg digunakan cantik, mudah difahami. thanks a lot. Teacher, nak tanye ni.I sekarang Form 4.Macamane ye master dalam BI dalam masa yang singkat? Ade rahsia ke, tips ke?Thank You.

Ayu Allyani Hamdan

JMimie said...

FL Feinier,

Thank you for sharing a very practical comment here. Keep it up and stay connected with us:)

Ms Ayu,
Sorry for slow response. I Will try to answer your question in my upcoming entry. Stay tune..don't miss it. All the best to you.