Sunday, June 14, 2009

As I See It - Permata Bangsa

It is something that we all should feel proud of the initiative and effort kicked off by Sanguru and the team as to gather the information of our very own youth who have tremendously performed well and excellent in their academic - I never expected that my name would be in the list...anyway thank you very much...It was just to pave a way to encourage our next generation to emulate the same endeavour... Of course something good is that by knowing who and who within such a group would be a greater help for us to keep track on them should we need to capitalize of their knowledge, talents, skills, and of course their leadership properties. I would say,affirmatively and admittedly, that we in Tandek in particular never have such a lack and shortage of talents - not to mention academic achievements; now then we could actually stand on a same par with those who have earlier on performed excellently - not only here in Tandek, but from other places as well. Having said so, SUARA ANAK MARUDU would be the best platform to assemble and gather all those properties of our own - to Sanguru and others within the SAM, you guys have done a great job...Congratulation!!! P/S I came across with a broadcast stating that there would be some sort of gathering for the SAM members sometime in October this year..Is it so? Your sincerely, Carl Martin Albert @ Mart Tambunan.


Little Mike (LM) said...

ya, kita mempunyai ramai permata. Inilah nadi bangsa masa depan kita. penyambung wadah dan mewariskan perjuangan kepada generasi seterusnya. Carl salah seorang daripada permata ini.

SAM akan mengadakan pertemuan pada bulan 10 bertarikh 10hb dan 11hb. Harap carl dapat datang waktu itu. Sebagai ahli panel SAM, DIWAJIBKAN! hehe

Carl S. Adun said...

Ok...Saya akan datang.Terima kasih atas jemputan berkeaan