Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning To See Things From a Positive Point of View

Look at the pictures below and tell me what do you see.
Is the glass half full or half empty?
What do you think the eagle is about to do? Flying off or landing down?
It's very much human nature that when we see something unfavorable, we tend to give negative remarks or negative outlook on it, wishing that such unwanted "BAD" article/story/event/luck never exist to interfere with our 'all-perfect' world of imagination. Instances for this are found everywhere including here in SAM. Some entries received and perceived negatively due to 'unfavorable content' to the readers. Sadly enough, this type of thinking usually does not make our world or life any better, only to 'double worsen' the already not-so-perfect world we are in if negative thoughts continuously to be fostered. Therefore, it's advisable to remember that our capacity to live life to the fullest does not solely depend on the state of our outside factor but far more important is the condition of what we have inside and how we go about managing it - our heart, brain, mind, emotion, soul, etc. Moral of the story: 1) We can make great difference not by changing what we have but by how we look and perceive at what we have 2) The choice is all yours and always yours whether to be negative or positive towards whatever happening around you 3) anda pasti lebih bijak menilai dan menambah senarai ini.... Note: If you encounter any "bad or unfavorable article" being published here in SAM, don't judge it immediately according to your emotion. Look at it thoroughly and consider to judge whether it is half empty or half full glass. It's all in your mind.


FL Feinier said...

Hi Sis... (^_^)
Well, I do think that this is the problem of society lately... I can see that there are a few group exist in Kota Marudu, especially when it concern with political issue… The clearest matter is one group want to support the current representative, another one want same party but replaced by other person and the other group support the representative from the opposition party. So, why this situation happen? How can it be so many groups? Why Kota Marudu society looked so as not united? For me, it’s all caused by the differ sight of seeing; hold differ value and using differ type of measurement. It is merely not about half empty or half full glass, but also different size of glass… Different brand of glass… and different type of glass… If all people in Kota Marudu think towards the same thing and have the same purpose, namely for the good of our district, choose the right leader (also should be defined properly)… Then, we all will be on the right track to develop our district …

So, back to the main topic, to answer either that picture is half empty or half full, or flying off or landing, we should have the same definition about what is half empty and half full, what is flying off or landing… This is because, half empty for me, could be half full glass for the others, although it is referred to the same thing. As my conclusion, we have different opinion because we have different understanding. Although “How” question is important, but still we have to answer “what” first. That is what philosopher meant as “Ontology”. Thanks.(^_^)

Anonymous said...

Cik JM. Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara. Think about it! Cheers...

TOMPINAI said...

Mr. Anony,

maksudnya disini, kita sendiri yg menentukannya...menilainya..

Pandangan dan pendapat juga tanggapan berbeza. Yg penting tahu apa yang kita ingin/maksudkan...

Salam SAM

Umar al-Longobi said...

kepelbagaian persepsi itu sekiranya terurus dgn bijak akan mendatangkan rahmat dan kekuatan. maknanya, konsep diversity itu memang 1 keperluan.

good idea mimie!

JMimie said...

It's true that in most cases like choosing a leader or anything related to political issues, clear and straightforward answer to the question on "WHAT" is essentially needed. The question on "WHAT" will usually lead us into the definition of a matter which basically reflects the theoretical ground of the related issue while the question on "HOW" concerns more on the practical side of it which helps to bring out our inner side to the surface as an authentic translation of our thoughts/perception/outlook towards an issue based on the theoretical guidelines we acquire in the first place. Anyway, back to real the intention of this article, I emphasized the question on "how" and less on "what" because firstly, I think the illustrations being used here are crystal clear, straightforward and easy to understand. Secondly, because I'm referring to a setting that has already long been existed in our society's mindset and thus need to be reevaluated and be changed for the better...because we are what we think.

sdra ANON,
Apa fokus sdra anon di sebalik kenyataan "Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara" sementara saya bercakap mengenai cara kita menilai dan menanggapi tentang sesuatu kenyataan yg berlaku di sekitar kita?
Artikel ini bukan bermaksud untuk menghalalkan mana2 cara demi mencapai matlamat yang diingini, cuma sekadar ingin mengingatkan kepada diri saya dan pembaca sekalian supaya sentiasa belajar untuk menanggapi sesuatu kejadian dengan lebih positif agar hidup kita lebih bermakna.

kyro said...

Good article JMimie.This is why I prefer people to ask me "How young are you?" instead of the usual "How old are you?" hehehe

Positive thinking positive action positive result.

FL Feinier said...

Yeps (^_^)

JMimie said...


Betul...kepelbagaian + keseimbangan itu penting.

Sdr Kyro,

If you don't mind answering..."how young are you?" hehehe...just kidding.

FL Feinier, yepsss...^-^