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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As I See It: Transformational Leadership???

I’d done my viva on the 8 August 2009 for my Masters of Human Capital Management with UMS; and like most of my close- knit coursemates – our tendency was much more towards focusing our research on the area of leadership – maybe for some reasons or others. As for my part, my focus area was that of on the transformational leadership – a leadership model and concept first introduced by Bernard Bass in 1985. Briefly, such a leadership approach and style is defined as a superior form of leadership that occurs when leaders “broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, when they generate awareness and ecceptance of the purpose and the mission of the group and when they stir their employees to look beyond their own self-interest for the good of the group”. It took quite a bit of time – that was almost half a year; for me to digest its essence and definition both theoritically and how such a leadership model could effectively work in practice for instance. My respondents were all the principals of the four secondary schools within the Tambunan district – of course this sounds like a case study utilizing phenomonology qualitative research... Back to my viva, I was then being heavily bombarded since I was the last presenter from the many of the day including tha MBA students. Suprisingly, most of the questions posed were of politically inclined – do I have a look lika a politician? I don’t think so...ha...ha... I took up few examples of our local leaders who had in certain ways exhibited and demostrated transformative approaches while they were running the office – like Tun Mahathir, of whom I’ve mentioned of his restorative and transformative measures particulalry in terms of economic restoration and the well-being of the bumis (just to mention a few...); Pak Lah for instance, in his not really fulfilled struggle to fight corruption and to recreate “clean” office... and few more of our state local leaders. Guess what were the consequences of not really being prepared – most of the panels – including the external and internal examiners doubted of my findings – according to “one” of them, “None even a single leader thus far in Malaysia has really demonstrated the perfectly so-called transformational leadership.” And they said my findings were too good to be true...And another of my examiner of whom I reckoned being fully educated in the US said, “Only Obama who has thus far demonstrated such a leadership style...bla...bla..bla..” Well, with due respect, we may have different perspectives of judging a leader – whether he or she is a transformational leader, as for me it should not be necessarily for him or her to be fully demonstrated the characteristics of transformational leader – in fact nobody is perfect. My premise was that, I did not say that my respondents were perfectly the ideal transformational leaders – but they have shown the potential to be such of leaders.


Anonymous said...

You ask: do I have a look lika a politician?

My answer: Yes! notjust a look but you have pontential!

SANGURU said...

terus gilap "potential" itu sdr. Carl.

Carl S. Adun said...

We all do;particularly those in the SAM...

SANGURU said...

transformatif - kepimpinan kearah perubahan (lebih baik). Melalui tauladan, arahan, tunjuk ajar, sistem baru, ,,,semuanya harus tanpa paksaan. Namun sehebat mana pun ketransformatifan seseorang pemimpin, masih bergantung kepada org yg dipimpin sama ada mahu berubah atau jumud. Mengubah atitud yg dipimpin satu hal lain dan cabaran lain. -BKN SENANG MEMIMPIN. SO...JANGAN SEMBORONO HENTAM PEMIMPIN