Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As I See It: Unity is all about in SAM

It's good to notice that reciprocalness seems to have become a main agenda of virtually all the SAM members - a positive sign that the openness and mutual understanding regardless of political beliefs and ideology is apparently taking place. We might probably come from diverse background but the strong foundation built within SAM family has indeed become the most significant impetus which to some extent has brought about the unity.This would best describe that we are indeed the best example of ONE MALAYSIA CONCEPT...Congratulation.


Anonymous said...

How to make this identity become infectious, Spreading all over KM district?

Let us narrow the concept: become ONE KOTA MARUDU.

What does it really mean to be 1KM?

How 'People First, Performance Now' is applicable here?

Just take the SDC as an example. The government is dedicated enough for the cause of the people.And no doubt that everything is perfect on paper. BUT what do you think of what happen during the implementation phase? How to really to make sure that a project worth RM1 is really RM1? How to really to make sure that a 1 year development programme is really completed in 1 year?

We do desire our local contractors benefited from this SDC and become successful but not to be greedy and putting the project at risk with inferior materials.

We want all officers (Civil Servant) involved doing their job with integrity.

If we care enough for the future of the next generations of this KM people, then we must take care the people of KM today! Therefore we must perform with integrity!

We are left behind. Years of development behind other states. It's the time not to look after our own 'poket' anymore. It's the time to put the people's interest on top priority.

Carl S. Adun said...

See then you could comment critically....thank you