Thursday, August 20, 2009

As I See It: Briefly on PPSMI

Lately this issue has been in the limelight and being talk much by many - politicians, academicians, grassroots, as well as by some of whom do not really understand the true essence of PPSMI etc. Straight to the point, I've just got back home from attending a meeting with few people of whom have concern with the abovementioned issue this morning. Few anecdotes from our rather casual conversations: 1. Why is that our past generation particularly in our state and our neighbouring "hornbill" state were able to cope and master English language; if not excellently but at least satisfactorily - furthermore, during those days virtually all the subjects were being taught in English (e.g. in LCE,MCE,OSC etc.) plus of the lack of amenities (but never ever have ceased their thirst of knowledge) - and quite many of them who come from that bygone era have successfully become "somebody" who could not only domestically but internationally communicating ideas, making appearance, establishing rapport etc, etc... 2. What's the true value and benefit of learning English?Do our people really aware about it? What about its commercial value? How are we going to compete globally- though practically all of us realize that English is being widely spoken world over as a Lingua Franca, commercial language, academic language the list goes on... 3. Every new policy that is being introduced could not be realized overnight;and we established that there would be opportunity cost

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ison said...

Very difficult for Malaysia to stick to one policy due to (frequent) changes in the cabinet. New person with new ideas and strategies, even though the old policy had been studied thoroughly with good vision and mission.

Sometimes nothing wrong with the policy itself, but when people politicized it, then even a trivial defect to that policy will be seen as the whole failure.

God bless Malaysia.